2019 Campaign: Diesel

2019 HELD Campaign: Diesel Diesel When it comes to diesel emissions and children’s health… Does your school get an “A” for action? Diesel emissions can cause cancer and respiratory problems, and are linked to other health effects. Children are more vulnerable to harm. Diesel-powered buses can be an important source of exposure for children. Cleaner […]

2019: Diesel

Boy standing alongside school bus outside with children in the background.

2019 Campaign: Diesel Healthy Schools Day, April 4, 2019 | Learn about 4 ACTIONS to help protect our kids from the health risks of diesel emissions exposure 2019: Diesel Partners https://healthyschoolsday.ca/2019-partners/ 2019: Diesel Funder https://healthyschoolsday.ca/2019-funder/ Diesel emissions are harmful to health https://healthyschoolsday.ca/learn-more-about-the-health-effects-of-diesel-emissions-and-actions-to-protect-children/diesel-emissions-are-harmful-to-health/ Where kids encounter diesel emissions https://healthyschoolsday.ca/learn-more-about-the-health-effects-of-diesel-emissions-and-actions-to-protect-children/where-kids-encounter-diesel-emissions/ Action to protect children from diesel emissions https://healthyschoolsday.ca/learn-more-about-the-health-effects-of-diesel-emissions-and-actions-to-protect-children/action-to-protect-children-from-diesel-emissions/ 4 […]