Check out the links below for project ideas, action toolkits and other resources to support your climate actions.

5- Travel LOW-CARBON

Biking, walking, car-sharing or taking public transit to school…
• Reduces vehicle emissions
• Improves air quality around the school
• Helps keep us active, healthy, and connected with our neighbourhood

Canadian Public Health Association (CPHA), the Ontario Public Health Association (OPHA) and the Canadian Health Association for Sustainability & Equity (CHASE) | Active Travel Factsheet | Summarizes the health and climate benefits of investing in active travel.

Ontario Active School Travel | Walk & Wheel to School Events | Promote walking and wheeling by participating in these seasonal events celebrated by schools across Ontario every year (English)

Ontario Active School Travel | Steps to Success | The Five E’s : Education, encouragement, engineering, enforcement, evaluation (English)

Ontario Active School Travel | Lesson Plans (Ontario curriculum, English only)

Shake Up The Establishment | About Low-Emission Transportation

Équiterre | My Connected Bus project helps school transport actors electrify their bus fleet to make the environment and health better for the kids

4- Think about the FOODS you eat

Reducing food waste, avoiding disposable packaging, and eating more plant-based and locally-grown foods…
• Can mean fewer greenhouse gas emissions associated with food production
• Reduces use of plastics, which are made from fossil fuels
• Reduces methane emissions from landfills and conserves resources

Équiterre | Schools Take Root project helps schools fundraise by selling local and organic vegetables

CEC | Food Matters Action Kit

Shake Up The Establishment
About Food Systems And Agriculture
About Waste And Pollution

Waste Reduction Week in Canada
Food waste pledge for kids


Conserving energy and supplementing the school’s heat/electricity with solar or other renewables…
• Reduces greenhouse gas emissions
• Reduces air pollution from burning fossil fuels
• Can improve indoor air quality

Green Communities | We Grow Sustainable Communities

Shake Up The Establishment
Now is the Time For Renewable Energy
Information on Energy

2- PLANT IT for the PLANET

Planting trees and other vegetation in school yards and play spaces…
• Can help absorb carbon and other pollutants from the air
• Provides shade, protects against sunburn and heat stress, and reduces flood risk
• Helps keep kids (and grown-ups) connected with nature

For Our Kids | Replanting One Tree at a Time

The Sustainability and Education Policy Network | Building Climate-Ready Schools in Canada

Depave Paradise | Bringing Streets to Life


Participating in a climate action event, writing to elected officials, urging your school to take climate action, or just talking about climate change with your friends…
• Shows you care about a healthy and sustainable future
• Builds leadership skills
• Can make a big difference

Fridays For Future | Your Responsibility to the World
Make It Better | Be Part of the Action

Shake Up The Establishment
General Information
Active Learning Club
How to Contact your Political Representatives
What to Expect from Political Representatives

For Our Kids | Take Individual Action

Other Resources:

First Nations Caring Society | Shannen’s Dream

The Sustainability and Education Policy Network | Ten Canadian Schools’ Stories of Climate Action

For Our Kids | Fighting for a better world for our kids and grandkids

Foundation for Resilient Health | How You Can Protect the Planet

Earth Songs
Young People Marching – Song