Project: Social Media Page

My passion is to spread information and ideas surrounding self-help, environmentalism and spirituality. Through frequent posts on my Twitter profile I have amassed over 5000 followers, over 500,000 impressions on Tweets and have directly contributed to bettering the lives and communities of individuals across the world.


Project: The Macdonald Campus Pollination Meadow

The mission of this project is to create models for rewilding lawns in different microclimates to support biodiversity, with a focus on native pollinators. Located on the Macdonald campus, home to a university, a high school and a daycare, the ½ acre site is accessible for members from every part of the community to learn from and enjoy. This project combats the effects of climate change through education and the support of biodiversity.


Project: Seeding A Solution

My solution to climate change starts with a seed and it’s simple – soil, sun and water… And my grandma’s garden!