Join the Share It | Shout Out challenge

Across Canada, young people are speaking out and taking action on climate change. We want to give a SHOUT OUT to those acts of leadership and hope.

If you have a PASSION for climate action or if you are part of a climate action PROJECT in your school, community or network, SHARE IT using the hashtag #HSDClimateAction and get a SHOUT OUT from the HSD team.

Here’s how it works:

1. Post your PASSION or PROJECT on social media

Use the hashtag #HSDClimateAction to share your PASSION or PROJECT on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

2. Click the link below to register your PASSION or PROJECT

Provide your name, contact email, a brief (up to 150 words) description of your PASSION or PROJECT, and one visual image (optional).

A PROJECT is any activity that helps to address the causes or impacts of climate change (even if it was not designed specifically as a climate action project). The project could be recently completed, ongoing or in development. Examples include: efforts to promote active transportation, greening of school grounds, a letter-writing campaign, food waste reduction efforts, a composting or gardening program, installation of solar panels, energy conservation, a learning event or demonstration, and more.

A PASSION is any form of artistic creation that helps to raise awareness, express views, or encourage action on climate change. Examples include: a poster, poetry, a musical performance or lyrics, a cartoon or graphic novel, a meme, a video, a skit or other performance, graffiti art, a mural, social media graphics, and more.

3. Get a ‘SHOUT OUT’ from the HSD team

Your PASSION or PROJECT will be posted on the Healthy Schools Day website.