Interested in joining the Healthy Schools Day 2021 climate action campaign?

There are multiple ways to get involved:

1. Follow Healthy Schools Day (HSD) on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to get the latest news and resources. Share HSD posts with your friends and networks, or create your own using the hashtag #HSDClimateAction.

2. Join the SHARE IT | SHOUT OUT challenge by March 31st to register your climate action PROJECT or PASSION on the HSD website. You will receive a “shout out” from the HSD team and a chance to win cool (low-carbon) prizes.

Projects relate to any of the multiple ways that young people, educators and schools/child care programs are helping Canada get to net-zero carbon emissions (even those not specifically designed as “climate change” projects). Students, educators and others in the school/child care community can participate. For more information and examples, visit the SHARE IT | SHOUT OUT page:

3. Download and print the HSD 2021 climate action campaign mini-poster and put it up in your school or child care program. Or, skip the paper and share it electronically.

4. Check out the “Resources” tab for useful online resources, cool project ideas, and to learn more about climate change.

5. Are you an educator or a school/child care administrator? If so, complete our HSD 2021 Educators Survey. We are interested in your views on climate action in the educational setting where you work. The survey, which is anonymous and takes only a few minutes to complete, is open until April 5th, 2021 and is available in English and French. The first 50 respondents will have a chance to win one of our early bird prizes!