The Canadian Partnership for Children’s Health and Environment (CPCHE, ‘kip-chee’) is a national collaboration of organizations with overlapping missions that have been working together since 2001 to improve children’s environmental health in Canada. Our aim is to increase awareness, mobilize knowledge and catalyze action to ensure that all children in Canada have healthy environments in which to live, learn, play and grow.
HELD 2023
Healthy Environments for Learning Day
Healthy Environments for Learning Day takes place each April in Canada and aims to raise awareness of and encourage action to prevent environmental health risks to children in early learning environments and schools. Healthy Environments for Learning Day, formerly Healthy Schools Day (HSD), has changed its name to be inclusive of early learning and child care environments. The focus for this year’s Healthy Environments for Learning Day (HELD) campaign is electrification of school buses nationwide. Learn more about this year’s campaign and how you can be involved!
Learn more about this year’s campaign and our Collective Call for Action, making the child health case for an urgent and just transition to electric school bus transportation.
Top 5 Tips
Top 5 Tips for creating healthy environments for kids
CPCHE’s suite of Top 5 Tips resources offers simple, low-cost tips that families and expectant parents can take to reduce exposures to toxic substances commonly found in the home.
RentSafe is an intersectoral initiative, led by CPCHE, that aims to address unhealthy housing conditions affecting tenants living on low income in both urban and rural communities in Ontario.
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Bridging diverse expertise and perspectives to advance healthy and equitable environments in which children can live, learn, play, grow and thrive.

Every Child Matters.

As revelations of Canada’s dark history of residential schools continue to come to light, we must all commit to learn more and do more to ensure that every child has a healthy, safe and nurturing place to learn, grow and play.

Shannen’s Dream:

Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada: Calls to Action:


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