CPCHE's Collective Voice

Joint Statements and Correspondence

The partner organizations of CPCHE respond to policy consultations as they arise and also seek to set a progressive agenda for ensuring children’s environmental health. This collection includes includes joint positions statements, letters and publications prepared by CPCHE or by sub-sets of CPCHE partner organizations.

Joint Statements

CPCHE releases Position Statement on Climate Change

The impacts of climate change are apparent and will continue to worsen without strong action. Children’s health and well-being are increasingly at risk from the adverse affects of climate change, including heat stress, trauma from extreme weather events, increased risk of vector-borne diseases, and growing levels of eco-anxiety.

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Health Professionals’ Call to Action on Climate Change and Health

Twenty-two of Canada’s top health organizations, representing more than 300,000 health professionals, have signed a Call to Action on Climate Change and Health, asking all political parties to treat climate change as a public health emergency and develop action plans to bring Canada in line with international climate emissions targets.

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