Collective Call to Action to Accelerate School Bus Electrification to protect children’s health and the environment

In Canada, approximately 2.2 million children travel to and from school every day on over 50,000 school buses, making 792 million
school bus trips each year. The majority of school buses are still fueled by diesel.

2023 Resources

HELD 2023 Resources It’s time to shift…EVERY SCHOOL BUS TO ELECTRIC It’s time… TO LEARN MORE. Learn more about why it is time to shift to electric school buses and how to support this growing movement.  Comparison of diesel and electric school buses Learn about the health impacts of diesel-powered school buses compared to the […]

2021 Campaign: Climate Action

Healthy Schools Day in Canada | Climate Action Campaign 2021 Five ways students, schools and child care programs can help Canada reach net-zero carbon emissions. Healthy Schools Day is Thursday, April 8, 2021. CLIMATE ACTION MINI-POSTER Choose YOUR climate action to reduce carbon emissions and benefit your health and the planet Across Canada, young people […]

2023 Campaign: School Bus Electrification

2023 HELD Campaign: Electric School Buses Welcome Healthy Environments for Learning Day (HELD) is Thursday, April 27, 2023 It’s time to shift. Every day, children travel to and from schools on diesel fueled buses that are harmful to their health. The Healthy Environments for Learning Day (HELD) 2023 campaign is promoting the shift from diesel […]

2019 Campaign: Diesel

2019 HELD Campaign: Diesel Diesel When it comes to diesel emissions and children’s health… Does your school get an “A” for action? Diesel emissions can cause cancer and respiratory problems, and are linked to other health effects. Children are more vulnerable to harm. Diesel-powered buses can be an important source of exposure for children. Cleaner […]