Collective Call to Action to Accelerate School Bus Electrification to protect children’s health and the environment

In Canada, approximately 2.2 million children travel to and from school every day on over 50,000 school buses, making 792 million
school bus trips each year. The majority of school buses are still fueled by diesel.

CPCHE releases Position Statement on Climate Change

The impacts of climate change are apparent and will continue to worsen without strong action. Children’s health and well-being are increasingly at risk from the adverse affects of climate change, including heat stress, trauma from extreme weather events, increased risk of vector-borne diseases, and growing levels of eco-anxiety.

Health Professionals’ Call to Action on Climate Change and Health

Twenty-two of Canada’s top health organizations, representing more than 300,000 health professionals, have signed a Call to Action on Climate Change and Health, asking all political parties to treat climate change as a public health emergency and develop action plans to bring Canada in line with international climate emissions targets.

Focus on Bisphenol A – Statement of Health and Environmental Organizations on Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals

Health and environmental groups working on child health issues and chronic disease prevention are deeply concerned about the pervasive, multiple exposures to chemicals known and suspected of disrupting endocrine (hormone) function.