Healthy Environments for Learning Day (HELD) is

Thursday, April 27, 2023

It's time to shift.

Every day, children travel to and from schools on diesel fueled buses that are harmful to their health. The Healthy Environments for Learning Day (HELD) 2023 campaign is promoting the shift from diesel powered to electric school buses across the country. Diesel fuel still powers most of the school buses across the country, generating diesel exhaust emissions that negatively affect the health of children on board the buses and on school grounds, as well as bus drivers, school personnel, and neighbouring communities.

Learn more about this year’s campaign and our Collective Call for Action, making the child health case for an urgent and just transition to electric school bus transportation.

Scroll down and learn more about this year's campaign and how you can be involved.

HELD 2023 Campaign: Electric School Buses

It's time to shift to electric school buses in Canada for the health of our children and planet.

It's time...

Learn more about why it is time to shift to electric school buses and how to help support this growing movement. 

It's time...

Be inspired by video stories highlighting successful implementation of electric school buses in Canadian communities. 

It's time...

Decisive action and collaborative efforts are needed to ensure that every child in Canada is protected from harmful diesel exhaust.

Let’s make every school bus in Canada electric! Here is how you can help:


Find out who makes decisions about school bus transportation where you live. Let them know why we need to shift to electric school buses.


Call for a zero emissions commitment by your school board to support the shift to electric school buses.


Call on our governments– provincial, territorial, federal – to fund electric school buses.

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