2023 HELD Campaign: School Bus Electrification

Accelerating Change: Yellow School Buses Going Green

Each day, children travel to and from schools on diesel fueled buses that are harmful to their health.  This year the Healthy Environments for Learning Day (HELD) campaign is promoting the transition from diesel powered to zero emission electric school buses nationwide. Diesel fuel still powers most of the school buses across the country, generating diesel exhaust emissions that negatively affect the health of children on board the buses and on school grounds, as well as bus drivers, school personnel, local neighbourhoods and society in general.

Learn more about this year’s campaign and how you can be involved. 

This year's campaign aims to:

1. Contribute to a national awareness of the child health benefits of electric school buses, which include reduced exposure to diesel emissions and associated health risks

2. Mobilize engagement and support for the transition from diesel-powered to electric school buses 

3. Equip students and school communities with instructional materials to learn about the electrification of school buses 

4. Contribute to Canada’s greenhouse gas emissions commitments and action on climate change

HELD 2023 Campaign

Health Benefits

 A variety of user friendly graphics highlighting the health impacts of diesel emissions and the benefits of transitioning to electric school buses.


Feature stories from varying perspectives of successful implementation of electric school buses on the roads in Canadian communities. 

Instructional Materials & Resources

Instructional materials to support educators in highlighting the electric school bus as a sign of hopeful action on climate change. 

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