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Learn more about why it is time to shift to electric school buses and how to support this growing movement. 

Comparison of diesel and electric school buses

Learn about the health impacts of diesel-powered school buses compared to the health benefits of electric school buses.

Electric School Bus Resources

The following resources offer current information on the impacts of diesel exhaust exposure, the benefits of electric school buses and why we need an immediate and just shift to electric.

Instructional Materials

Educators and students can be a part of the shift to electric school buses across the country. Learn how the electric school bus can be a teaching tool for the energy transition and hopeful climate action. 

Featured Resource

Driving Change: The Electric School Bus- A teaching tool for hopeful climate action

Activities for Grades 3-7, including background information, relevant resources and lesson ideas related to transportation options, such as the electric school bus, that promote cleaner air. 

Click here: Visit Green Teacher to learn more

Educational Resources

It's time...


Hear stories of how communities across the country are leading the charge by shifting to electric school buses. Learn about the catalysts for change, the successes, the challenges and the collaborative efforts making electric school buses a reality.


Unique stories from across the country.

Leading the charge: Electric school buses in PEI

Watch PEI’s story of how they are leading the charge in transitioning their school bus fleets to electric.

Video Credit: CPCHE, PEI Public School Board

Driving Change: The electric school bus, a tool for hopeful climate action

Educators will outline the importance of climate change education and the use of the  electric school bus as a tool for teaching about climate change, climate action and hope.

Video Credit: CPCHE, Green Teacher, EcoSchools, GreenLearning, K-12 Educators

Charging Ahead

For Our Kids has created an informational and inspiring video highlighting the success of a BC school district who has jumped on board the transition to electric school buses.

Video Credit: For Our Kids, CPCHE, School District 61

For Our Kids EBus Social A 16x9 Final

For Our Kids EBus Social B 16x9 Final

Conservation Council of New Brunswick and Ecology Action Centre

The Conservation Council of New Brunswick and the Ecology Action Centre in Nova Scotia are actively working to promote the adoption of electric school buses in their respective regions.

Video Credit: Conservation Council of New Brunswick, Ecology Action Centre

My Electric Bus

My Electric Bus is an awareness campaign by Équiterre that seeks to inform the various stakeholders in school transportation about the electrification of their fleets.

Video Credit: Équiterre

It's time...


Decisive action and collaborative efforts are needed to ensure that every child in Canada is protected from exposures to harmful diesel exhaust that jeopardizes health and exacerbates social inequities.

Collective Call for Action

This Call for Action presents the child health case for making an urgent and just transition from diesel-powered to electric school bus transportation across Canada.

Campaign Poster

The Campaign Poster highlights the benefits of electric school buses and explains three key actions for furthering the shift from diesel-powered to electric.  

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