Quote from Mike Holmes

As a father and a grandfather it’s important to me to protect the next generation. I am seeing more and more homeowners and builders testing their homes for radon. But I also want to see our schools and daycares tested for this known health risk. Radon is the leading cause of lung cancer for non smokers. Join the movement, sign the petition and help Make it Right for the next generation.

Quote from Mike Holmes Jr.

One day I hope to become a father and I will want to do my best to make sure my kids are as healthy as they can be! The Yukon passed legislation to make it mandatory for radon testing in all daycare facilities. Children are more susceptible to radon exposure because they have smaller lungs and they breathe faster. That’s why this is so important. But shouldn’t we be testing all our daycares and schools? Let’s help keep everyone safe — our children, teachers and educators. Let’s Rule Out Radon and sign the petition https://healthyschoolsday.ca/