CPCHE releases Position Statement on Climate Change 

November 2019 The impacts of climate change are apparent and will continue to worsen without strong action. Children’s health and well-being are increasingly at risk from the adverse affects of climate change, including heat stress, trauma from extreme weather events, increased risk of vector-borne diseases, and growing levels of eco-anxiety. CPCHE’s position statement on climate […]

HELD 2022 Media Release of Child Care Survey Results

This Healthy Environments for Learning Day, April 28th, CPCHE and CCCF issued the results of a national survey of child care professionals on environmental health in child care settings. The survey results suggest that the child care sector is committed to children’s environmental health, but more support is needed. Nearly one-third of child care professionals who […]

HELD 2022 Healthy and Sustainable Child Care Environments – A Vision for Canada

This Healthy Environments for Learning Day, the Canadian Partnership for Children’s Health and Environment (CPCHE), the Canadian Child Care Federation (CCCF) and more than 40 organizations from across Canada are releasing the Healthy and Sustainable Child Care Environments: A Vision for Canada. The Vision is intended as a framework to support collective efforts towards a world-class […]