Dust Busting

Why is this important?

Dust is a major source of toxic chemical exposure for children, due to crawling and hand-to-mouth behaviour. Through normal use of common items such as electronics, furniture, plastic toys and cleaners, very small amounts of chemicals end up in dust, along with pollutants brought in from outdoors. For some contaminants, like lead and brominated flame retardants, dust can be the largest source of exposure, potentially higher than food, air or water, especially for young children.

What actions can we take?

  • Bust that dust by frequently damp mopping or vacuuming floors.
  • Routinely remove dust from surfaces with a damp cloth.
  • Dispose of vacuum bags safely. 
    • Use plastic bags as a “shroud” to control dust while removing vacuum contents.
    • If feasible, do this task outdoors.  
    • The contents of the vacuum should not be composted.