Greening Initiatives

Why is this important?

Spending time in a green space has a wide range of benefits for children’s health and wellbeing, while also contributing to the protection of the natural environment. Nature-based solutions like tree planting and naturalization improve air and water quality, provide cool spaces and help mitigate and adapt to climate change. Involving children in green initiatives, such as gardening and composting, can instill a long-term commitment to sustainability.

What actions can we take?

  • Involve children in gardening, composting, conservation, and/or other activities related to sustainability. 
  • Take action to rewild your setting through strategies such as depaving and planting native plants.
    • Consider planting a pollinator-friendly garden.  
    • Consider reducing the size of a manicured grass lawn in favour of planting local plants. 
    • Reduce the use of lawnmowers, pest control products and chemical fertilizers.  
  • Develop a greening initiative, such as tree planting, creating a green roof or permeable outdoor surfaces. Involve children in such efforts, when possible.

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