Pest Prevention and Control

Why is this important?

Pest control products are chemicals designed to kill unwanted organisms, such as ants, roaches and bed bugs. Because of their toxicity, it is important to prevent children from exposure to pest control products. Pest control products have been linked to a range of health effects, including harm to the developing brain.

What actions can we take?

  • Use strategies to prevent pest problems, for example by sealing openings where pests might enter the building, and ensuring all screens are in good repair. 
    • If a pest problem occurs, select the least toxic method of eradication/control. 
    • Use physical control methods first, such as hand weeding and traps . 
  • If using pest control products:
    • Only use pest control products authorized for use in Canada. You can identify approved pest control products when you see a Pest Control Product (PCP) number on the label. 
    • Always use, store and dispose of pest control products properly, per label instructions.  
    • Avoid powders and sprays which are dispersed into air and can be easily inhaled.
    • Use spot treatments rather than area-wide applications. 
    • Notify staff and parents before pest control products are used, and ventilate well after application. 
    • Never apply pest control products in the presence of children or while food is being prepared or served. 
    • After using a pest control product, wash your hands and face with soap and warm water. Thoroughly wash clothes you wore while you used the product separate from regular laundry. 
    • Consider hiring a professional like a licensed pest control operator or exterminator

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