Water Conservation

Why is this important?

Conserving water helps preserve and protect local water resources. It also helps combat climate change, as energy is required to treat, transport and heat the water that we use. Child care settings can play an important role in conserving water. Children can develop water conservation habits when they observe others practicing sustainable water use.

What actions can we take?

  • Conserve water.
    • Make water conservation part of your daily routine (see tips below). 
    • Encourage children to develop good water conservation habits. 
    • Repair all leaks and leaky toilets, taps and appliances. 
    • Consider water-efficient taps and appliances. 
    • If appropriate (and if they can be installed in a manner that won’t create a drowning hazard), use rain barrels to collect water for lawn and garden use.  Ensure all openings to rain barrels are covered with mosquito screening.

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