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How do we reduce toxic chemical exposures?

Check out the pages below to learn more about reducing toxic chemical exposures.

Surrounding sources of chemical emissions

Awareness and advocacy! There may be many sources of air pollution nearby. Being aware of local emission sources can us make informed choices to reduce children’s exposure to toxic substances, and can help inform our advocacy to improve air quality in our community.

Fragrance Free

Scent free! Keeping learning environments free of fragrances reduces exposure to potential toxic chemicals.

Indoor learning and play

Healthy sustainable learning and play! Learn how to make healthy and sustainable choices for play toys, arts and crafts, furnishings and sleeping areas.

Outdoor play structures and surfaces

Play it safe! Outdoor play is critical, so too is ensuring that potential chemical exposures during outdoor play are minimized as much as  possible. 

Cleaning and Disinfecting

Keep it clean! Proper cleaning and disinfecting, that adheres to public health guidelines, and promotes healthy, sustainable learning environments while minimizing toxic exposures.

Kitchen and Food Preparation

You are what you eat… and drink! Learn more about making healthy and sustainable choices regarding the foods we eat, and how we prepare, serve and store them. As well,  learn about how to help reduce the potential of  lead exposure in drinking water.


Renovate right!  Learn about how to help ensure that renovations are done in ways that reduce exposure to toxic chemicals.

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